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Our Work



Package Designs & Thermal Simulations

The package 3D designing is done and thermal simulations are performed. The thermal simulations showed the best package design that could quickly transfer the heat out of the package.


Thermal Cycling Simulations  (TMCL)

Simulations are done by varying temperatures of different concept packages. Stresses are developed during TMCL due to the differences in the thermo-mechanical properties & package design. The package with inferior design & material properties showed highest stress concentration. Finally, the concept package with lowest stress is recommended.



Aging Effects (Expected in 2022)

The material properties change with time & temperature. It is commonly known as ageing effect. The ageing effect will drastically effect the reliability of the product during its life time. The effect of ageing will be modeled in this project. X-section view of aged sample showing oxidation (black color) on the top surface.


Web Model (Long-term)

To develop a generic tool that can find cost effective packaging solution as a function of design, material properties & other critical parameters. 



Patent Work (2022, in progress)

A novel idea to improve the reliability during thermal cycling (-65 to 150C) for 1000 cycles of the electronic package via. novel designs.